Large and slow-moving storm moves toward Southern California

A very large and slow-moving storm system is moving southward from central California toward the southern part of the state. Bands of heavy rain and gusty winds have slammed central California on Sunday afternoon.

There will be 1-2 inches of rain per hour in the heaviest bands. Some of that will run off, down hills into valleys and possibly cause flash flooding. A general 1-3 inches of rain will fall.

In the mountains, especially the Sierra Nevada, 1-3 feet of late-season snow will pile up, causing treacherous travel.

The storm slamming California on April 5, 2020. National Weather Service

The biggest impact will be in Southern California on Sunday night into Tuesday as the storm slows, sits and spins, bringing in bands of heavy rain through an atmospheric river from the Pacific Ocean.

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The hills near the coast will act as an extra lift, enhancing rain rates, flash flooding and perhaps even some mudslides. That is where the heaviest totals will be, with some pockets tallying several inches of rain.  In Southern California, the highest mountains will see over a foot of snow.

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