Law enforcement encourages parents to frequently monitor kids phones

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The recent arrest of a Starkville man for attempting to entice an 11-year-old to send sexually explicit pictures is putting the spotlight on the use of apps by sexual predators.

The internet and the portability of smartphones can be a dangerous combination.

Predators can hide behind false identities, making kids think that they’re talking to others their age. That added to some parents’ lack of awareness of the *latest* apps that are available can create concerning situations.

Investigators, like Lieutenant Tony Cooper, who deal with these cases, say it’s important to keep up with children’s movements online and in real life.

Like most other youth fads, new apps pop up regularly, and kids leave the old ones behind.

“As the kids move though, so do the predators. Once the predators know where the kids are, they move to that app. And as the kids move, the predators move, It’s up to us to try and stay on top if it, and from where these people are going,” said Lieutenant Tony Cooper, Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department.

Cooper recommends apps like Net Nanny, Our Pact, and Norton Family to keep track of your child’s internet activity.

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