Lingering Florence wreaking havoc in North and South Carolina

​Volunteers evacuate residents in Jacksonville, N.C.

Despite a mandatory evacuation and a power outage, many in Jacksonville, North Carolina, insisted on staying. They ended up becoming witnesses of devastating floods.

“We’ve never seen this before — never, never, never, not like this,” one resident said.

Florence continues to bring devastation, but not despair. From this city and beyond, people are arriving to help the stranded. Volunteers included off-duty military from nearby Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

Staff Sgt. Marines Brian Griswold and Neil LaPon hauled their own hunting boat to the floods. Cali Sterling, the fiance of a marine, joined them. “What does it look like back there?” CBS News asked.

“It’s pretty deep, it’s scary,” Sterling said. “There’s cars already going under. There’s people freaking out.”

About 900 residents have been rescued throughout North Carolina, said Bill Holmes, a spokesman with the North Carolina Joint Information Center.

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