Liquor stores will soon be offering a delivery option to customers

Alcoholic Beverage Control has passed a law allowing stores to offer delivery.

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A new law is allowing liquor stores to now deliver their products to customers.

“We’re here to help you continue to have a great time in a safe manner,” Bulldog Packaging Store owner, Ashley Ray, said.

In July a law allowing liquor stores to deliver to their customers with the help from delivery apps went into effect.

Owner of Bulldog Packaging Store, Ashley Ray, said when the law was approved, she saw an opportunity she couldn’t afford to miss.

“We jumped right on that to try and keep us up with the times and make that available for our Starkville family. We basically bought the license. We’re just waiting on our delivery services to kind of catch up and do the inventory and things like that,” Ray said.

Bulldog Packaging signed a deal with Booze Cruise and Smugglers; Two alcohol delivery services that will ensure both safety and legality of all out-of-store sales.

“Everyone that will be delivering for us will actually go through this class that is required by ABC. So anyone who does it has to go through the class. As far as, like, people, that will be done at the door. They have scanners and stuff that you’ll be able to do that from our delivery services’ phone,” Ray said.

Mack Foley is a Senior at Mississippi State. He said the biggest thing to consider is the delivery fees.

“Since they’re the first ones to do it, they’ll make a lot of money early, and then depending on how many people still want to pay that delivery fee, we’ll see how it goes in the long run,” Foley said.

However, Ray said the delivery fee isn’t up to them. They’re simply the supplier.

“We simply get the same profit as we would if you walked in the store and purchased it directly. It just added 10% on to the price if you walked into the store and that’s based on the company that’s not based on me,” Ray added.

While the delivery system will help the business, Ray said the option could keep people from driving under the influence to go get more alcohol.

“We wanted to be able to take that liability out for people. It just eliminates anyone trying to get behind the wheel that has been drinking so so they can continue to party,” Ray said.

“I think it’s a good thing. I think it will stop a few, some people from driving drunk. It just makes it easy for people to get their alcohol,” Foley added.

Bulldog Packaging expects to begin delivering in about 3 weeks.

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