“Loaves and Fishes” continues its Thanksgiving holiday feeding tradition

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Loaves and Fishes is known for feeding the community, and for Thanksgiving, it was no different.

Members of the Annunciation Catholic Church and people from the community helped give out food to those who need a meal this holiday.

“We serve loaves and fishes normally and it’s our day to serve today and we served last Thanksgiving so we always get a celebration of the need for service and we get a lot of people from the community and from the church to come and help us today,” said Steven Greenough.

Greenough also says he and his church members served over 200 people last year and anticipated doing the same this Thanksgiving.

Food was served from 11 until 12:30.

The meal consisted of chicken, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, and gravy, as well as desserts that were donated by a person in the community

“It takes a village to make these things happen and the more people then the less work we each have to do and it’s again it’s a celebration of life it’s a celebration of today Thanksgiving day and it’s a celebration of family”

The Thanksgiving meal wasn’t just for those who needed a meal though.

Greenough knew that those who protect and serve the community have to work on the holidays so his team made sure to try and feed them as well

“We put a call out to the first responders today if you’re driving around today or you’ve missed your family meal; drive by and pick up a meal policeman, EMTs, anyone that’s serving the community we are serving them.”

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