Local and state Leaders held forum to discuss available resources

The Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus Regional Forum

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi leaders held a community outreach event in West point to discuss available resources and current issues in the area.

The Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus Regional Forum met at the West Point Civic Center along with local agencies to help find solutions in their communities.

The Black Caucus’ open forum allows community members to express their concerns to local and state officials like Senator Angela Turner-Ford, who sees meetings like this as a window of opportunity.

“Our primary focus is community outreach. I’ve just heard this afternoon from the sessions this morning that individuals received information that they were not aware of and had not received prior to today, and I think it is important it makes or magnifies the level of impact that these events have when we are able to provide information to the community, ” Senator Turner-Ford said.

Information shared today came as a surprise to some people in attendance.

“The information that was shared today was very beneficial; there was a lot of information about benefits and services that I was not aware of for persons over age 60,” Carolyn Poston said.

And one topic of discussion that impacts both the young and old.

“Many say offering more affordable healthcare is the answer to creating pathways for reimbursements for treatment services, so these are all issues of tantamount concern to make sure that everyone who has a healthcare issue receives treatment in the state of Mississippi, ” Senator Turner-Ford said.

While some Mississippi leaders said they were working to spread the available resources, there are still battles ahead.

“We are discussing issues with women’s early childhood education and other childhood-related issues, healthcare. Certainly, it’s a travesty for the facility in Greenwood to be facing closure, and it is a matter of funding. We have hospitals around the state that are all struggling,” Senator Turner-Ford said.

Available resources can be found at mdhs.ms.gov

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