Local college changes name to Blue Mountain Christian University

BLUE MOUNTAIN, Miss. (WCBI) – A local college that has been part of the area for nearly 150 years is undergoing a name change.

“Well, it’s a marvelous opportunity for us to communicate who we are as an institution,” said Dr. Barbara McMillin, President of Blue Mountain Christian University.

McMillin said the name change from Blue Mountain College to Blue Mountain Christian University has been a matter of discussion and prayer for months now. McMillin, who has been president of Blue Mountain College for 10 years said the name change better reflects the degree programs offered to students.

“We have grown more complex over the years, that involves offering both graduate programs and undergraduate programs, we have had graduate programs in education now for a number of years, and in the last three years added a master of business administration,” said McMillin.

And in January, Blue Mountain Christian University will open its school of nursing. State-of-the-art hospital equipment, life-like mannequins in simulation labs, and classroom spaces are ready in the school of nursing building.

But McMillin said the name change also signals the school’s desire to showcase its beliefs and worldview.

“We consider it a very important factor that our name reflects who we are in terms of our convictions as an unapologetically Christian institution, the name Blue Mountain Christian University, captures who we are at this point and that is something we want to communicate clearly. Many institutions in our nation were founded as Christian institutions, but over time have determined their mission is no longer relevant,” said McMillin.

Students said they appreciate being part of a university that does not hide those beliefs.

“It’s important for students to let them know when they come to BMCU, it should be a Christian experience, for the faculty, it shows them if they are working here, they need to be representing Christ when they teach, and that goes for students in their behavior as well,” said Josiah Putnam, a sophomore.

“I toured a lot of schools up and down the east coast and around the south and when I came to Blue Mountain, I sat down and talked to two of the biblical studies professors, they talked to me, asked various questions, asked if they could pray with me. They said, ‘Lord help her know where You want her.’ None of the other schools said anything like that,” said Emily Carr, a junior.

The freshman class of 2023 will be the first admitted to Blue Mountain Christian University.

Blue Mountain Christian University has around 600 students. The university celebrates its 150th anniversary next year.

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