Local doctor’s offices, clinics report high numbers of positive flu cases

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – Flu season has arrived, and the virus is working its way through schools, workplaces, and public spaces in general.

Local doctor’s offices and clinics are reporting high numbers of positive flu cases.

West Point pediatrician Dr. Keith Watson said the best protection against the flu is the vaccine.

But he said there are rare cases of flu in people who get the shot.

“For those of us that are unlucky enough – and I’ve been one – to still get the shot and still get the flu, the symptoms are milder. They’re not as severe. And they don’t last as long. You’re back on your feet typically two to three days quicker if you’ve gotten your flu shot and you still get the flu,” said Watson.

According to the CDC, flu activity typically begins to increase in October and peaks between December and February.

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