Local emergency agencies are gearing up for severe weather

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Our WCBI weather team predicts severe weather moving through the area tonight.

And local emergency agencies are gearing up for the unexpected.

Columbus Fire and Rescue has duties that go beyond the title.

Those include being the first responders during and after disasters.

Sunshine and blue skies. It may be the calm before the storm. That’s the time Columbus Fire and Rescue Chief Duane Hughes said you can do a few things to prepare for the storm.

“If you have unsecured items in your yard, garbage cans near the curb, the umbrella, and these other things, you may want to go ahead and secure those because, in severe weather, those can become projectiles and may not damage your property but may damage your neighbor’s property,” said Hughes.

While you’re doing those things around your house, the crew at the firehouse is also gearing up to administer support throughout the city and possibly into the county if a disaster strikes.

“Here in the department, we make sure all the vehicles are fueled; we get all of our chain saws out and test them and other rescue equipment. This department is also a task with the operation of the storm shelter that’s located on Lehmberg,” said Hughes.

Moments after a storm, agencies must assess the damage and save lives.

“In the event staying away from those areas that have been declared disaster areas if we got first responders that are trying to get in and help those residents it impedes their means of travel if you are out,” said Hughes.

And in the case of any emergency.

“Seat firm in the knowledge that here in Columbus and Fire and Rescue we are on standby.”

If and when the storm shelter becomes available, Columbus Fire and Rescues will run the operation. For more information and updates on the weather continue to follow WCBI News.

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