Local firework store gears up for New Year’s Eve rush

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The year is winding down, which means the sky will soon be lit up with fireworks.

Orbit Fireworks is the go-to store for many pyrotechnics fans in the Columbus area.

And the staff there said even though prices may go up, demand hasn’t fizzled out.

There are two days left until the new year, and while most people are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, some are getting ready to light up the night.

Store clerk Candi Nabors said a new year is coming, but she’s seeing an old, familiar trend.

“When we open up, it’s like super slow, and then everybody waits till the last minute to come and get their fireworks, and it’s just one big ole blob of people coming in trying to find the fireworks and get what they want; sometimes we run out, sometimes we don’t,” Nabors said.

But if you wait until the last minute, you risk missing out on hot sellers like the Death Shell.

“You drop the canister down in the shell, and it shoots off one at a time, but yep that out loudest, and our biggest bang,” Nabors said.

And with the rise in fireworks prices, Nabors said you should look for specials to get more bang for your buck.

“We still have the three for three, two for two, and one for. On some of the prices went up like everything else some of the prices went down,” Nabors said.

Nabors said if you’re going to shoot off fireworks, follow these safety tips. Read the instructions on the fireworks label, have a source of water nearby, and watch out for the children.

Also remember it is illegal to shoot fireworks within the city limits of most area towns and cities, so you’ll want to move those pyrotechnic displays out to the county.

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