Local organization provides beds for Columbus family

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Some people just need a little extra help throughout the year.

The Dream Center Golden Triangle has been at the front of the fight to give that help locally.

“This is a serve day, it’s one of our compassion initiatives,” said Cole Bryan, Dream Center Golden Triangle Executive Director. “We sort of live by a motto “find a need and fill it, and find a hurt and heal it”, and so this need was found during a bed placement, it is part of our beds for kids’ program and these kids did not have any beds, so we came in and we placed them and we so that that was an additional need so here we are.”

Cole Bryan is the Executive Director of the Dream Center. He said it is all about improving surrounding cities

“The reason we wanted to start the dream center is because it is about community respiration,” Bryan said. “You have to take care of your home, you have to take care of your communities, and it just brings everything up. We just want the best for Starkville, West Point, and Columbus, and for me, it starts with the underserved neighborhoods.”

Lynn Suggs is a volunteer at the Dream Center Golden Triangle, she said this is a great way to help those who are in need

“We have bed builds and we have all volunteers for our bed builds,” Suggs said. “Last Saturday, we built 51 beds, and all volunteers go out and place the beds every Wednesday. We are averaging about 12 or 13 beds a week, that we put out in homes for children that do not have anywhere to go to bed. We say we are going to go to bed, they do not have anywhere to go to bed, so it is a blessing for the children, but it is more of a blessing for us.”

This week beds were donated to Ashley Goshorn and her family.

She said she is thankful for the Dream Center volunteering their time.

“It was a huge deal, that in itself was a huge deal which is why this was unexpected because we were so grateful, and the fact that they thought about us to come and do more was beyond me and I could not believe it,” Goshorn said. “My kids were super happy, and it is crazy how they built the beds, they did not pre-make the beds. They came in with power tools and wood and built them the nicest beds that they have ever had, and it will probably last them until they are too big for twin beds.”

And if you know someone that needs a bed, Bryan said they are easily accessible

“If they need some help, they should go to our website which is dreamcenterms.org. If they need a bed, they find the application and fill it out, and we will be in touch with them in 48 hours,” Bryan said.

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