Local plumbing company helps deal with frozen, burst pipes

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Local plumbers have had their work cut out for them today due to the low temperatures.

Klutts plumbing owner Justin Klutts made a social media post telling the public to get in contact with him and his crew for helpful tips on how to manage if pipes are frozen.

Several people did get frozen or burst pipes which had the crew busy

Klutts said that the phones had been ringing off the hook all morning and for some, he would go to their homes but for others, he would talk to them over the phone and offer some assistance.

“I put that out there just because I don’t mind coaching anybody through anything you know if they have something that breaks and they’re not sure where to cut the water off we’ll kind of guide them in the right direction.. there’s not much at this point we can do but let the good lord thaw them back out you know and cross your fingers that nothing’s broken after that and just protect your plumbing the best you can, leave the water running, leave your cabinet doors open and if you have pipes that are exposed on the outside try to wrap them and insulate them and just try to hold on and ride it out,” said Klutts.

Klutts said if anyone would like helpful tips about what to do with their pipes, they can call (662) 275-7065.

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