Local restaurant hosts annual Porchfest to promote starving artists

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -Temperatures are warming up, and spring events are starting to happen throughout the Golden Triangle.

In Columbus, one business is taking everything to the porch.

“When you walk in, it feels like you are in someone’s home, or it feels like you are in someone’s backyard,” Alan Aldridge said.

Local business Munson and Brothers once started as an apothecary turned beer garden and pizza place. But the owner noticed something was missing in the community.

“Covid happened, so festivals and online sales, everything kind of plummeted, and at that time, 2020, there wasn’t an outdoor venue in Downtown Columbus, and we have a lot of friends who are musicians and play,” Owner Ryan Munson said.

Owner Ryan Munson says he wanted a place that promoted culture and diversity; all centered around art, food, and good times.

“Because that sparks innovation that sparks small business, so we want to bring as much in because art brings in people,” Ryan Munson said.

Munson, along with artist and podcaster Alan Aldridge, came up with the idea to take it back to the porch, where people feel comfortable and able to express their art.

“In the 1950s, they say America got away from the Porch, and that was the way that we used to communicate and share ideas,” Host Alan Aldridge said.

And now, local artist Brayden Sansing says he is happy to share his talents with his community.

“Getting to know people having fun really, that’s what it is really about with music and everything, just having fun,” Sansing said.

Local vendors were also welcome to sell their goods.

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