Local stores ramping up security measures during the holidays

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI ) -Thanksgiving may be a week away, but the Christmas shopping season has already started.

That means more people hitting the stores, and store owners ramping up security.

During the holiday season, many people are in the giving spirit, but others are more in the taking spirit.

That has police warning business owners to be on the lookout.

On Wednesday, Four Seasons Farm and Garden in Columbus got hit by shoplifters for the second time in just a few weeks.

With the help of security video, investigators have been able to identify two suspects, but this mom-and-pop business still hasn’t recovered the stolen merchandise.

“It’s kind of hard to recoup that when you are making small profits and trying to just make a living and then have somebody to come and take. It probably takes us 3 to 4 weeks to recoup the stuff that was stolen,” said Daniel Brown, store owner.

And now local store owners are weighing the risks of staying in business.

“We love being here, we love our customers, and I enjoy the public, but it makes it where you know is it really worth doing this,” said Brown.

Columbus police are issuing a warning for local store owners to amp up their security measures.

“What we are encouraging the store owners and employees if they are seeing this is to call 911and to let the police know while it is going on don’t wait for the individual to leave and then call because it harder to catch them and harder to obtain to property,” said Captain Rick Jones, Columbus Police Department.

Captain Rick Jones said that Four seasons having a good camera system helped make identifying the suspects easier.

The store owners hope their example will help other businesses stay in business.

“These two things are not going to change anything about us being here or anything like that, but I just hope we can get a handle on it or the city of Columbus can get a handle on this so it won’t shut pops down because that’s what pretty much runs this country,” said Jones.

The store lost over $1,200 of property. And the police are still searching for the suspects.

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