Local woman celebrates “stroke-aversary”


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – A local woman is celebrating what she calls her “stroke-aversary” in an effort to spread awareness about the dangerous health issue.

“I remember… taking my kids to school and going to the grocery store, but I’ve been told that was a couple days earlier.”

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Davida Beckum is a Columbus native and mother of two, and she’s describing the stroke, or AVM, that sent her to the hospital on February 8 of 2018.

Davida says the stroke affected her memory as far back as 2014. When she woke up in the hospital, she didn’t even know what year it was.

“The fact that my brain ruptured in four different spots, it was pretty much a fact that they didn’t expect me to survive.”

In fact, Davida says the doctors were amazed that she was able to recover.

“I’ve had physicians call me a miracle. And that was one that told my family that there was no point in praying and they just needed to prepare for the worst. I went from that to being called a miracle. I’ve had doctors ask if they could bring classes into the hospital, well teachers asked if they could bring medical students into the hospital to study me and to read about me.”

Davida plans on spending Saturday hosting an AVM awareness party. She says she wants to inform others of how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke as well as spread a little positivity.

“I was given a 16 percent chance of living and I’m still here…They didn’t expect me to be able to walk, to talk, or do any of that on my first day of outpatient therapy.”

As far as her recovery goes, Davida gives most of the credit to her faith.

“The doctors don’t have the final say. That’s definitely what I’m taking from it…I’m thankful to God for my family. Well my health of course, and for my family.”

Davida hosted her stroke-aversary party Saturday night at the American Legion in Columbus.