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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — Columbus Police will be at four locations around the city next week to buy unwanted weapons as the department kicks off its gun buyback program.

Two officers will be in the Walmart parking lot, Sim Scott Park, Townsend Park and East Columbus gym from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The department will pay $20 for BB guns and air pistols, $100 for handguns, $200 for rifles and shotguns and $300 for assault rifles.

The guns must be operational.

Police say the program is not a single answer to reducing violence and crime but say it has worked in other cities as part of a broader effort to get unused, stolen and other weapons off the streets.

“If it prevents one crime or one person from being shot or one child from being injured accidently, it’s worth it,” Police Chief Selvain McQueen said. “This isn’t a panacea or a cure, but it is one more tool to try to insure safety.

“We doubt criminals will bring in their guns. But if it stops someone from becoming a victim of a burglary because they have a gun at home that they no longer use, then that’s part of it,” the chief added.

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    ok, i bet criminals will be the first ones in line to hand in there guns. REALLY.

  • JT

    Ok people. This is absolutely absurd. Criminals do not get guns legally. So what makes our government feel that taking away weapons from civilians, or making it harder to buy weapons for civillians, is going to decrease crime in any way whatsoever. I am truely amazed at how gullible our society has become. Bottom line is guns don’t kill people. PEOPLE kill PEOPLE! So what is next…let’s outlaw the household kitchen knife, baseball bats, masonry bricks, and automobiles. That way no one will ever be killed by one of those objects either. I am sorry, but our society is standing by and watching our goverment slowly destroy the standards and principles our country was founded upon. Why don’t we shift our focus to spreading the word of God into the lives of Americans?

  • WW

    JT and Amanda you are both RIGHT… I mean they have announced where to bring the guns and how much they will pay.. Now the Criminals can just stop the people and offer a little more and by all the guns they want WITHOUT a back ground check.. Mercy does our officials ever THINK before they act?

  • geo


  • SB

    Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”

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