Lone rain chance overshadowed by settling of comfortable pattern

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: Thursday’s cold front plus another cold front Sunday puts us well on track to more fall-themed temperatures. Highs drop into the mid to low 80s for the next week or so.

FRIDAY: A high in the low 80s presents another fall treat for us off the back of Thursday’s sold front. Lows bottom out in an even nicer upper 50s range, sparking the breaking out of a sweater for some.


WEEKEND: Clear skies will allow temperatures to shoot right back up into the upper 80s and 90s for some Saturday. Lows hit the mid to upper 60s overnight. A second cold front Sunday aims to keep us out of the 90s once and for all. Sunday’s front will also be accompanied by the chance for some showers and thunderstorms across the region, although impacts should be light. 

NEXT WEEK: Lows will quickly drop after Sunday into the low 80s and remain that way for the early part of next week. Lows sit in the low 60s and eventually close to 40.



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