Looking to past and present: MUW alumni tour campus

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s Homecoming weekend at MUW.

This has been a bumpy season for the W, its leaders, students, and alums.

But homecoming is about looking backward and forward at the same time.

It’s a time to set aside differences and make the most of shared connections.

President Nora Miller took the alumni on a walking tour around the campus.

Miller said homecoming and this tour provide an opportunity for alumni to reconnect.

“It’s a great time for everybody to get together. We really celebrate those who are having a five or 10-year multiple homecoming but a lot of students might come back to meet with their friends from a couple of years ahead of them or a couple of years behind them,” said Miller.

Heather Fasciocco Stone is the president of the alumni association. She said alumni activities are about so much more than just reconnecting with each other.

“The value of coming back is more than just reminiscing from old times. It’s all about re-engaging with our campus community, seeing what our students are up to, being a part of our W story, and being able to share it as an alum. You have an opportunity to be out in your hometown and talk about the value, the jewel of what we have here, and start to consider what it looks like to refer a student and help our community grow and share the importance of education for everyone at The W,” said Fasciocco Stone.

The university saw discord within alumni over the proposed name change a couple of months back but Miller said the love for their school has brought them back together.

“Our alumni are very passionate about this institution and I’m an alumnus. So, I can definitely vouch for that but when it comes to what is really important to our existence to our future we come together. We may have some disagreements about some things but it was wonderful to see us united as a single front to defend the honor of this institution,” said Miller.

The MUW jazz band also performed a medley of tunes for the touring alumni.

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