Louisville police connect Sunday shooting to Goss death investigation

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A gunfight erupted in the middle of the afternoon. Why?

That’s the question everyone in Louisville, including investigators, has been asking.

The answer goes back several weeks and connects to another Louisville death.

16-year-old Montevious Goss was reported missing on January 11.

He disappeared. And days of searching and hours of interviews turned up very little information.

That is until railroad workers near South Church Street and Railroad Avenue discovered a body in Louisville in a wooded area by the rail yard.

That victim was later identified as Montevious Goss. He died from a gunshot wound. And although investigators said they believe the gunshot may have been self-inflicted, his death is still being investigated.

Louisville Police Chief Sean Holdiness told WCBI that his investigators believe friends of Goss were involved in this shooting, possibly in what they saw as retaliation.

“Believe it or not, here in the city of Louisville, even though we’re only a town of 6,000 people, we have two groups. And it is disheartening to say that even though we go to school together, church together, and walk the streets together, these two groups of young men cannot get along for whatever reason. They think it is, think it’s whatever, to be shooting at one another. And it is disheartening, to say the least. It blows my mind,” said Holdiness.

He expects more arrests to come this week from the shooting at the store.

Holdiness said investigators will continue to look through security camera footage. And, he asked if anyone has more information, to contact Louisville Police.

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