Louisville police share some of their knowledge to the future leaders of the world

The kids are the future and people in Louisville want to help pave their way to a bright one

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The kids are the future, and people in Louisville want to help pave their way to a bright one.

During the whole month of June, some students have got one on one interactions with local police officers and firefighters.

The HERO program will end on June 28th, but organizers feel that the kids will have a deeper appreciation for their local heroes.

Members of the school district received a HERO grant that lasts 4 years; they’re currently in their second year of the program.

HERO stands for Helping Everyone Regain lost Opportunities.

For many students, opportunities were lost during the pandemic, so educators are trying to fill in those areas.

“Providing academic and enrichment programs outside of the normal school day to help bridge those gaps,” said co-director of the program Lisa Horne.

Horn said you can’t have a HERO program without some local heroes in house.

“The police department has done a great job because it has shown that they are a part of the community and they are human and they’re here to help, the fire department as well,” said Horne.

Police officers were placed in classrooms at three locations teaching students about law enforcement.

“Through our investigations department we went through what a police officer does and what we went over today was being in the act of if a police officer pulls you over,” said lead investigator of Louisville Police Department Mike Perkins.

Above all, it was about making that connection with the younger generation.

“We’re not here to be bad policeman, to be up to anybody, we’re human and want the kids to know their local policeman and that the police care about them,” said Perkins.

Horne said she appreciates the police and fire department and all the sponsors that help educate the kids each summer.

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