Lows fluctuate as mid-week cold front strikes

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: Highs mostly remain in the upper 70s to low 80s. A mid-week cold front knocks lows into the upper 40s and brings a bonus rain chance.
MONDAY: Clear skies and highs in the upper 70s make for a relatively comfortable day outside. No rain is expected. Lows bottom out in the upper 40s overnight.

TUESDAY: Slight warming Tuesday thanks to clear skies brings our high around 80 Tuesday. No rain is expected.  Lows are significantly warmer overnight in the upper 50s.

REST OF THE WEEK: We finally get some sort of a rain chance Wednesday as a cold front approaches the region. Scattered showers and storms in the evening and overnight Wednesday are the primary concern, although the severe threat is non-existent to this point. The cold front itself will pass through early Thursday, bringing highs into the upper 70s and lows into the upper 40s. Temperatures will slowly rebound into the 80s by next Sunday. Lows will also recover into the low 50s by overnight Saturday.


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