Luke Fisher commits to a career in service and collegiate football

Luke Fisher has been around the air force his entire life. His dad jay is a retired colonel in the united states air force, but Luke never thought about following in his father’s footsteps until the Air Force coaching staff came calling.

“When I decided I wanted to play college football or that I wanted to try to, I had no intention of going to a service academy I just wanted to go somewhere where I can get my education paid for and play football at the same time,” Luke said.

Air force was the first team to recruit fisher but Army and Navy weren’t far behind. It’s a big decision to attend a military academy, but when Fisher stepped on campus, he knew the service was where he was meant to be.

“I was kind of skeptical about it, I didn’t know if that was really for me but going to the Air Force Academy and going to the Naval Academy and seeing the people that are there and personally knowing people in the military really sealed it for me,” Luke said.

There is no doubt that he will thrive in Colorado Springs.

“He already had the qualities that it will take to be successful there, Luke’s father Jay Fisher said. “The drive, the dedication, and the commitment to be a part of something bigger than yourself.”

Luke’s final three schools were Air Force, Navy and Army. Jay made a concerted effort not to influence his decision but he couldn’t hide his excitement when luke picked Air Force.

“He was smiling ear to ear and he was super excited,” Luke said. “He had his words about the Air Force Academy and how much it means to be in the Air Force and the military but he also did a great job at letting me choose my own path.”

Not only did Luke decide where he would continue his football career but going to the air force includes a five-year commitment to service after graduation. It is a big choice for a senior in high school to make, however, it was a no-brainer and was more straightforward than having to pick a football team to play for.

“The decision to commit to five years after college was probably the easiest between the two decisions,” Luke said.

Luke’s talent on the field speaks for itself but everyone associated with him raves about the same thing, how he’s a great young man. Which makes him a perfect fit at the Academy.

“I know where he’s going at air force there will be a lot of outstanding players but a lot of outstanding character guys and he’s going to add to that and that’s the thing I’m most proud of because the united states is getting a winner,” Heritage Academy head football coach Lance Pogue said.

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