Macon Police Department gets new crime watching cameras

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – Macon Police are getting a new pair of watchmen for a busy part of the town, and these two never sleep.

Noxubee County District 2 Supervisor Landis Mickens and the Noxubee County Library Society are each donating crime watch cameras to the Macon Police Department.

The two new eyes in the sky will be installed in the area around the Noxubee County Courthouse and the Library.

That part of Jefferson Street is a very high-traffic area, and recently there have been two shootings, including a homicide.

The new cameras will help provide important evidence for police and protection for Macon residents and visitors.

“Now, we got a tool that can help us. can see stuff in real time. We can go back and play it as many times as we can, if we have to use it, to put on the news to get people to identify who we need to identify. We use that tool; we’re not trying to hurt anybody,” said Macon Police Chief Davine Beck.

“Because, it’s going to take everybody to build our county to protect our citizens, and that’s one reason, the main reason, I decided to make that donation to our city. And I’ve always tried to work in harmony with our mayor, our Chief of Police, and our sheriff is working right along with them. And we just thank God was able to do that,” said Mickens.

With the two new cameras, Macon now has six of the units around town. Each one costs about $5,000.

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