Video: Man Accuses Deputies of Excessive Force

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A Choctaw County family is looking for answers after a relative is arrested and his blood is left at the scene of that arrest.

It was a Wednesday night drive to pick up cigarettes and gas from Sam’s Quick Stop just over the Choctaw County line in Attalla County.

Driver Janalvin Mosley and two men did not immediately stop when a sheriff’s deputy tried to pull them over.

When they  finally pulled over, they were then surrounded by Attalla and Choctaw County deputies.

Choctaw County resident Craig Mitchell was in that vehicle.

“Slammed him on the back of the trunk you know. Pushed him down like that and then they had drawn their guns on us, you know. I mean ain’t like we just robbed a bank or we just murdered somebody,” said Mitchell.

But from what we understand, they had already been flagged down by law enforcement personnel.

“And he was handcuffed and then, and then you know he had his hand on his back. And he pushed him down,” added Mitchell.

After being taken into custody, Mosley was taken to an area hospital and treated for a head injury.

The other two men were released.

“We had did everything that we were suppose to do as far as driving. We wasn’t wabbling and we wasn’t speeding or none of that you know. We just was doing like how you are suppose to drive you know,” said Mitchell.

Be that as it may, Mosley is being charged with driving with a suspended license, failure to comply, resisting and failure to yield to a blue light.

But his family still wants to know if their relative was injured while handcuffed and why.

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