Man Rescued From Grain Bin

VARDAMAN (WCBI) It was almost a scary sight in Calhoun County Monday as a worker was trying to unclog a grain bin, then accidentally fell inside..The incident happened just after three-thirty at Morgan Farms in Vardaman…

Sheriff Greg Pollan says when the worker went inside the bin, it gave way and pulled him down inside but thankfully the Chickenbone fire department was able to rescue the man

“When we got on the scene here, me and a couple of the deputies, and a couple of firemen were the first ones on the scene. He was, the grain was up above his waist line, within a couple of minutes it was up to his armpits, so it was a pretty touchy situation there for a few. Luckily a volunteer firefighter get on the scene quickly.”

Sheriff Pollan says responders were able to safely rescue the worker within an hour….

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