Man shares invention he uses to make traffic stops run smoother

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – Over 20 million law enforcement traffic stops happen yearly; some are successful, and some end tragically.

One Texas native shared an invention he hoped will help traffic stops run smoother.

“The biggest hole I have ever seen was the barrel of a police gun,” said Brian Wilturn, founder of The Pocket USA.

Wilturner said his first encounter with law enforcement was frightening.

But now, as a concerned father, he said he wanted to create something that would make a difference, and it all started with…

“Two pieces of plastic that, I glued the ends together and put a magnet on the back of it, and I told him to put his license and insurance every time you get in the car,” said Wilturner.

In case you are ever pulled over by a cop, you take your Pocket, stick it outside the car and wait.

Now, The Pocket USA is made for metal doors and has a suction cup that you can place on your windows. Wilturner said this invention goes beyond even helping the driver.

“It helps a lot of police offer families to know that their family and their loved one can get home safe,” said Wilturner.

Wilturner believed this invention has become a conversation piece as he gets pulled over, with favorable outcomes

“So I’ve been pulled over since I had this product like seven or eight times, and I got seven or eight warnings,” said Wilturner.

Wilturner began working on his invention six years ago.

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