Man uses pocketknife to fight off mountain lion

A mountain lion was killed after it attacked a man inside a park in Colorado earlier this month. He was looking for places to hunt elk in Bighorn Park subdivision near Kremmling when the cougar struck, CBS Denver reports.

The man told Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials that he was attacked about 9 p.m. on Aug. 10. He saw the big cat and walked backwards for about 200 yards until he tripped and fell.

According to the wildlife officials, the cougar pounced and scratched the man’s legs. However, the man grabbed his pocketknife and stabbed the mountain lion before he was able to get away.

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Wildlife officials tracked down the mountain lion the next day and killed it. The cat was acting aggressively when officials found it instead of running away. A necropsy revealed the mountain lion only had grass in his stomach and was likely hungry. Otherwise, the young adult male was in good condition.

Mike Porras with Colorado Parks and Wildlife told CBS Denver that the man did everything right when he encountered the mountain lion, especially walking backwards slowly.

Porras urged anyone who may come into contact with a mountain lion to never turn around and run. Instead, stay facing the animal and slowly back away.

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