Manufacturing company buys Aberdeen’s old Holley Performance building, offering the potential for hundreds of new jobs in the city


ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – The old Holley Performance building has stood abandoned since 2009 and has been a point of contention amongst the leadership for the city of Aberdeen and Monroe County. 

But not anymore.

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On March 16th, city leaders sold the property to EnviroBuilders, an eco-friendly construction company that hopes to bring hundreds of new jobs to the area.

“One job is great. You get 30-300 jobs? That would be a big surplus for the city,” said Aberdeen Building Official Roy Haynes. 

EnviroBuilders president Howard Harper first reached out about setting up shop in Aberdeen back in 2016.

“He could’ve located anywhere but he wanted to locate his business in a place where he knew it was needed and a place where he could help the citizens,” said Acting Mayor and Ward 2 Alderwoman Lady Garth.

EnviroBuilders was set to take over the Holley Performance building in September 2020 but the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen shot that down 

Garth says she still doesn’t know why.

“Some of the people on that former board would have to answer that (question) because it made absolutely no sense to me,” she said. 

Garth credits Monroe County Attorney David Houston for helping to convince the current board of Alderman to accept Harper’s final offer.

“He answered questions for them and I think that sort of alleviated some of the fears and concerns some of the previous board had,” she said.

Garth says it will take time for those 300 jobs to open up in the city.

“[Harper is] going to start off with 60 (jobs) and he’s going to increase as the business grows,” she explained. 

Haynes hopes that EnviroBuilders can start a trend and attract other businesses to Aberdeen.

“Someone else might see that and piggyback off of it and build another building or rent another building,” he said.  

Garth says EnviroBuilders hopes to start renovating the building by January of 2022.