March of the Mayors: Area mayors pack food for people in need

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – Area mayors were busy packing food for needy people this morning, as a statewide canned food drive wrapped up.

It was part of “March of the Mayors.” The nonprofit, “Extra Table”, organized the event. Each city was tasked with getting a certain food item, for instance, Columbus was asked to collect cans of soup, Bandwyn collected canned fruit, and West Point was asked to bring one-pound bags of dried beans.

At the Tupelo Furniture Market, all the food that was collected was put into individual food boxes that will be distributed through food pantries across the region.

The March of the Mayors has been taking place in South Mississippi for several years, but this is the first year for our area.

“So, this is the first year they brought it to North Mississippi. And that inspired me to work really hard to make sure we keep this in the area because it will benefit so many citizens in North Mississippi,” said Columbus Mayor Keith Gaskin.

“Anytime you can put an event together that engages the public to get involved, which they did in West Point, and around surrounding areas, when you get community to engage, for a cause such as this, cause hunger, as you know is a terrible problem. We all know someone affected. All you have to do is get in your car and drive. So, it is a noble thing they did to bring this together,” said West Point Mayor Rod Bobo.

Organizers said March of the Mayors will be an annual event in North Mississippi.

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