MCSD settles lawsuit filed by Ricky Keeton family for $690,000

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department has settled a lawsuit filed by the family of a man killed during a drug raid in 2015.

The family of Ricky Keeton had sued the county, over the death of Keeton, who was shot after he reportedly pointed a gun at officers who were serving a “no-knock” warrant.

Earlier this month it was announced that attorneys for the insurance company representing Monroe County had agreed to settle the suit for $690,000.

Jim Waide, the attorney representing the Keeton family, said the county’s use of “no knock” warrants was unnecessary and posed significant dangers to the public.

Deputies who were on the scene that night said they identified themselves as law officers that evening, as the raid started. Keeton was shot after deputies said he appeared at the door, pointing a handgun at them, and firing. The weapon was later determined to be a pellet gun, equipped with a tactical light.

“It is our common practice, once we get to the porch, start the breaching process, sometimes we announce before, that night, once we got to the porch, some started announcing, I started announcing once I got the door open,” said Monroe County Captain John Bishop.

“They may be yelling sheriff’s office, at the time but it can’t be heard over all the commotion going on. So homeowner such as Ricky Keeton wakes up, thinks somebody is breaking into his home, and does the natural thing that 90% of Mississippians would do. Go to the door armed,” said Keeton family attorney Jim Waide.

A special Grand Jury cleared all officers involved in the Keeton raid of any wrongdoing. At the time of the Keeton incident, Cecil Cantrell was sheriff of Monroe County.

The official settlement and indemnification agreement can be found here.

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