Medical marijuana dispensary opens on 4/20 in Tupelo

The Dispensary by REV held a ribbon cutting and welcomed people in to educate them

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – You probably know about 4/20 and some locals thought what better way to celebrate than to open a dispensary.

The Dispensary by REV held a ribbon cutting and welcomed people in to educate people about how medical cannabis works.

General Manager of Rev of Tupelo Kelly Riley cut the ribbon to celebrate her store’s official opening and the first day of business.

Riley and her team have to get to this point; now, they’re ready to meet the community’s needs.

“We think it’s huge that we’re even here today not to mention the history that has led to this moment so it’s huge in that way it’s huge that we’re military owned and operated so really cool for us just to know that we’re helping veterans and a lot of people in the community that we’re going to be able to help,” said Riley.

If someone already has their medical cannabis card, they can purchase products. If you don’t, then you have to be 21 to enter the building and the staff at REV can guide you through the process of getting a card.

“If you have qualifying conditions and don’t know how to go about it we’ve got trained staff that would love to help you love to walk you through that and kind of get you some information from the Mississippi state government so we want to see everybody come out,” said Riley.

Riley said seven out of 10 lawmakers voted for medical cannabis to be legal and sold in the state.

And there has been a lot of enthusiasm in public too, but some people still aren’t sure.

“Even the people that are concerned I think it comes from a great place I think that they’re concerned about things being done properly and safely and we are here at The Dispensary by Rev that’s us,” said Riley.

However, Riley wanted those people to know that her team is well-versed and there to help educate the community.

“Security has been implemented there are all kinds of inventory practices, safety training, educational courses, we really want to focus on a lot of community education too so we want to make sure everyone knows it’s kind of a transparent window into what’s keeping things so safe,” said Riley.

The Dispensary by REV plans to open a location in Hattiesburg soon.

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