Millport family raises awareness for Dandy Walker Syndrome

MILLPORT, Ala. (WCBI) – Folks in Millport Alabama, and surrounding towns had an opportunity to take part in a pop-up shop sale downtown.

And some vendors were new to the business scene since the pandemic five businesses have opened in Millport.

In Millport Alabama, community members and folks around the neighboring areas went downtown to purchase goods from vendors.

While some people took advantage of the sunny weather, others were there for another cause, like Don Cole.

Cole set up a booth and set his message to spread awareness about Dandy-Walker Syndrome.

“It’s a hindbrain malformation that involves the cerebellum and the fluid fills spaces around the cerebellum,” said Cole.

Cole said on average, one in 10 thousand babies is born with this.

During the month of May, which is Dandy walkers awareness month, the Cole share information about their grandson Ryan who was diagnosed with this disability.

“When our grandson was diagnosed in utero. there was no organization at all advocating on behalf with those of dandy walker,” said Cole.

Family members said raising awareness and hosting fundraisers can help others like Ryan.

“That then morphed across the country other communities holding a walk-run as we did and that has morphed into all kind of fundraisers for dandy walker and as a result dandy walker is able to provide a whole lot of help to families that get this diagnosis and individuals living with dandy walkers,” said Cole.

Ryan is now 17 and Don Cole said he will continue to advocate for his grandson and people who are also dealing with this condition.

Looking back he is grateful for all of his grandson’s hard work in overcoming obstacles he’s faced in life,

“He is greatly special, both of our grandsons are but our grandson that has dandy walker has achieved. We could be here all day and I could tell you about his achievements and things that he has overcome and he’s a blessing from God and we are supremely blessed,” said Cole.

May is also Dandy Walker  Awareness month.

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