Mississippi department of education to resume accountability scores

NOXUBEE COUNTY,Miss. (WCBI)- School report cards are back in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Department of Education is set to release accountability scores for the 2021-22 school year.

Accountability scores are based on the performance of student achievement, participation and graduation rates.

And state testing shows the proficiency in growth.

But the pandemic has put a strain in the classroom, that’s why Noxubee County educators and administrators have worked to bridge the gap.

A,B,C,D, or F?

School districts in the Magnolia State will see where they stand.

” No teacher was prepared for what happened when COVID-19 hit,” said Moore.

Kimberly Moore is a 3rd grade teacher at Earl Nash Elementary School in Noxubee County.

She said learning during the pandemic caused several hiccups in and out of the classroom.

” No student was really prepared for the next grade. We worked really hard this year, we have a 150 minute reading block, we have a math coach, a literacy coach,and we’ve done a lot of small group and one on one tutoring with our students to get them prepared for the testing they took this week,” said Moore.

Last year, state and federal assessments weren’t required to have a passing scores, leaving many students unsure of their progress.

And that’s not all…

“We didn’t have the technology in place for every student to have their own laptop to take and work with at home as we had to teach virtually. We were very fortunate for the funding and to get the laptops,” said Moore.

Noxubee County School District received an F rating back in 2019

That’s why Superintendent Washington Cole IV is developing learning models along with teachers.

” You have to assess and you have to know where students are. We’re immersing ourselves in data. We’re understanding where every student is and allowing that student to see where they are. We’ve set targets for individual students as well as teachers. We’re moving forward to teaching to those deficits and those strengths,” said Cole.

Cole is hopeful those efforts will reflect ratings.

” Educators have been more creative and more focused in instruction and what kids need. Based on their grades it tells the community how well the education system is doing,” said Cole.

Students at Earl Nash Elementary will complete their final state assessment on Friday.

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