Mississippi is reporting its first case of Monkeypox

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi is reporting its first case of Monkeypox amid the nationwide outbreak.

Monday afternoon the Mississippi Department of Health reported the state’s first case. No patient information or location has been released, but the department is working to identify people who may have had close contact with the individual.

NAtionwide there have been nearly 3 thousand cases reported.

Monkeypox is characterized by fever, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, and muscle aches followed by a rash, often on the face and body. It can be itchy and painful.

Transmission can occur from close skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, exposure to bodily fluids, or by touching the clothing, bedding, or towels of an infected person.

If you suspect you may have been exposed, contact your primary care doctor.

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