Mississippi leads the nation in positive and negative COVID related catagories

The Magnolia State is the nation's leader in monoclonal antibody treatment but also leads in COVID deaths per capita.

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI)- Mississippi is now the nation’s leader in monoclonal antibody treatment.

Unfortunately, we’re also number one in Covid deaths per capita across the country, and the coronavirus dangers for pregnant women continue.

As of Thursday morning, there were 37 ICU beds available with over 70 patients in need of ICU treatment.

That’s due to the ongoing staff shortage.

At least 155 pregnant women have died from covid-19 since the pandemic began.

In Mississippi, 8 pregnant women have died since July 25th of this year.

All of those women were unvaccinated.

J. Martin Tucker, an MD from the University of Mississippi Medical Center said rumors about pregnant women being turned away from medical professionals are partially true.

“You’re exactly right that pregnant patients have been turned away in certain locations,” said Dr. Tucker. “Pharmacies are kind of what comes to mind. The good news is there are lots of people offering vaccinations across the state, especially the Jackson metro area. The bad news is that people are kind of inverse to pregnant patients when they come in. They’re hesitant to give pregnant patients medications and certainly, vaccinations fall into that. I think we as physicians and other health care professionals have to send the message that vaccinations are recommended during pregnancy.”

Last week, Dr. Thomas Dobbs issued a standing order informing pharmacies and all physicians to vaccinate pregnant patients if requested by the patient.

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