Mississippi releases maternal mortality report of deaths from 2017-2019

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – There is a big gap between the health of black mothers and that of white mothers in Mississippi in the months after a baby is born.

The latest Mississippi Maternal Mortality Report, released today, outlines the problems and offers some solutions.

Medical experts on the committee looked at maternal deaths from 2017 to 2019.

They determined that 43% of those deaths were directly related to pregnancy.

And, almost 90% were preventable. Most of the issues are heart-related.

Committee members reported that Black mothers were four times as likely to die during pregnancy or after delivery as White women.

State Health Officer Dr. Dan Edney said all Mississippians need access to care.

The physicians and nurses on the committee recommended extending insurance coverage, making sure coverage exists before pregnancy and extends beyond the 60-day postpartum period, now in place, to one year.

They also recommended extending Medicaid coverage to at least one year

The report warned Medical providers that dismissal of patient concerns is more common in women and people of color, and this leads to higher rates of misdiagnosis and undertreatment of conditions.

The committee and its finding is part of the state statute.

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