Mississippi State University’s transportation services is being impacted by high gas prices

Gas prices have risen and filling up tanks is emptying wallets

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Gas prices have risen and filling up tanks is emptying wallets. In our area those prices are approaching record numbers.

Regular gas is knocking on the door of four dollars a gallon; premium and diesel fuel are over that mark.

At Mississippi State University’s transportation services; they’re begun to feel the pinch, even though they have some advantages.

“We do have our own gas station here so that helps a little bit in terms of you know being able to operate on more of a wholesale type price but when gas is the way it is we feel it as well,” said executive director of transportation at the university, Jeremiah Dumas.

Dumas said those gas prices still hit them in the long run especially filling up those bigger buses. He also said they factor price increases in the budget, but not increases like this.

“Fuel is absolutely a line item that we have every year and we budget for increases, fluctuations in prices but obviously at the rate they’re going now we realize that there are some concerns long term if they stay at that point,” said Dumas.

Those climbing prices have more people climbing aboard.

“We see ridership increase and we see things change when gas prices do become the way it is because it does become a little more difficult for people to use their personal vehicle,” said Dumas.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation and the university’s transportation service work together in an effort to help provide safe and efficient services to campus officials, students, and the community.

Dumas said no matter where the fuel prices go; MDOT will make sure the university is able to still get people around.

“They recognize the needs of our services and us being there for the general public and the students and staff and faculty of Mississippi State so we’ll continue to watch but we feel confident that our operations won’t be impacted,” said Dumas.

Dumas encouraged people to fill up while prices are at this rate because they are going to continue to go up.

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