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Mississippi University for Women (WCBI) – In today’s economy it can be hard to find a job, but that isn’t stopping local employers, seeking out new faces to build their workforce. We spoke with a few job seekers who are using job fairs to find employment.

Searching for a job can be a tedious process, so when a job fair comes to town many different employees can be found under One roof.

Despite the job market’s status there are over 50 vendors at Mississippi University for Women looking for possible employees for the future.

By having so many different employers in one place, gives job seekers a better idea of what type of employment they are looking for.

“This gives them the opportunity to do one on one interviews with employees right here on the campus brings them right here to their home and then they can have a different employer to talk to and not have to go all over town,” says Towanda Williams.

Ebonie Belton, a recent college graduate, is hoping with her early preparations she can find a job in Human resources.

“I’ve printed out several resumes at least 50 set out my outfit, woke up early, ate an early breakfast. I just basically prepped my resume and came out here,” says Ebonie Belton.

In addition to possible jobs, there are other benefits that come with visiting with employers.

“I hope to get a better direction of where I want to go and I hope to see employers that could potentially employ me,” says Timothy Mbogo.

“I hope to gain a job but also the importance of public speaking and not being fearful as far as approaching an employer,” says Belton.

Even though some believe the market may or may not be improving, job seekers are still optimistic.

“I would have to say the job market hasn’t improved at all for the time being, but maybe it will get better,” says Belton.

“I guess about the same because the employment rate is going up and there are some companies who weren’t hiring last year who are hiring this year. So it’s kind of 50/50,” says Williams.

“The job market went down that means it only has the option to come up,” says Mbogo.

The most popular booths at today’s event were Severstal and the hospital.

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