Mississippi’s Historically Low Unemployment Rates and the Tools Behind It


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Career Days and job fairs wouldn’t be happening if there weren’t jobs to offer.

That’s exactly what Mississippi has seen, to the point where the state is experiencing some of the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded.

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We’ve come a long way from searching the want ads in the newspaper.

Now, companies are working with the state to make sure their job openings are out there, in hopes that Mississippi works.

Thanks to a partnership between N-SPARC and the Department of Employment Security, finding that job is made a lot easier with that app, Mississippi Works.

“Technologies and mobile apps provide this capability at a users fingertips, so the user may have trouble knowing about potential job openings. This application will open it up and show everyone the jobs that are available in Mississippi,” said Software Project Manager for NSPARC, Clinton Hester.

The app even has compatibility meters to see how well someone pairs up with a job based on experience and education, for starters.

The new app is still up-and-coming, but the service it provides catches the attention of job searchers.

“I’d be interested! I’d be interested in that app,” said MSU student, Andrew Mehta.

Unemployment rates were at it’s lowest nearly every month of 2017, and more efforts like the ones at NSPARC will make those rates go even lower.

“…to put those jobs out there so users can know about them, apply, and eventually, hopefully, get hired,” said Hester.