Modified school calendar: Lowndes County schools respond

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Several schools in the state have moved over to the modified school calendar allowing students more breaks throughout the year while still hitting the 180-day mark.

Lowndes County Superintendent Sam Allison said the breaks weren’t the only thing that stood out to them – but also the intersession.

“There were some students we encouraged more than others that there might be gaps in their learning and we’d love for them to come, but it was for everybody,” Allison said. “It had a session of math, a session of English language arts which included reading and something else the schools did that day, some of them used stem and brought in visitors to talk to the kids.”

Lowndes County school leaders wanted to make sure it was working for the students and families. So, they sent out a teacher and parent survey.

“First our teachers were overwhelmingly in favor of this calendar, about 93%,” Allison said. “Our parents were right at 70%, of those who took the survey. So, yes, I think we’ll move forward to this calendar.”

Allison said with all the positive feedback, he doesn’t foresee any problems popping up with testing.

“I don’t think it will hurt our achievement at all,” Allison said. “I think a lot of that depends on the classroom, and where the students are, that sort of thing.”

Overall, he said their main concern is for the students, and the intersession was good for those who needed it, and they look forward to seeing the students grow.

“We hope to build on that in the spring and offer just time for our kids,” Allison said.

The next intersession will be from March 18 through March 29.

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