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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The hunt for an indictment is still underway in a cold case in Monroe County. With a new sheriff administration in tact the family feels they are closer to getting some answers in the disappearance of William “Pops” Phillips.

What started as a missing person case quickly turned into a murder investigation involving several individuals. Police and family members say they have a good idea who is involved and they are expecting indictments to be handed down this year. But for family members the past year and a half as been a tough one.

Concerned family member says, “We loved him. He was well loved by his family and we just pray that something comes out of this interview that we’ll be able to maybe make some progress.”

54 year old William Phillips, or Pops as family and friends called him went missing in June of 2011. Pops and his wife lived in separate households but saw each other on a daily basis. When she didn’t hear from her husband that night, she knew something wasn’t right. According to Sheriff Cantrell progress has been made in the cold case.

Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell  says, “We have a lot of evidence and we’ve had some people that have indicated not only themselves but also others that are involved in this particular case.”

Peggy Hall of Smithville was arrested and charged in connection to Pops murder. During questioning she admits she was there the night Pops was taken from his home and murdered. She says he was stabbed to death over money by an Amory man. After an extensive search of a wooded area Pops body was claimed to be dumped no evidence was recovered but several leads were followed but law enforcement feel they have a good case.

Cantrell says, “We’re going to present our evidence to the Grand Jury this case and we hope for the best. We think we have a strong case and a good case.”

With several people said to be responsible for either the murder or disposal of Pops body, authorities believe indictments will be handed down. But for the family, moving forward has not been easy.

Concerned family member says, “We can’t go through the grieving process because there is no end to it. Whether there is and end, we know he’s probably gone. We just need a body to lay him down.”

Authorities are expected to present their evidence to the Grand Jury this month and are hopeful indictments will be handed down implementing several individuals.

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