MS schools and districts receive annual performance ratings

    Every year, administrators work hard to provide their students the best education possible. And with new ratings in from the 2018-2019 school year, educators can see what areas need work.


    LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi School districts received their report cards Tuesday from the Statewide Accountability System.

    Now, administrators are either celebrating their success or reevaluating their programs.

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    Every year, administrators work hard to provide their students with the best education possible.

    With new ratings in from the 2018-2019 school year, educators can see what areas need work.

    Throughout the state of Mississippi, schools and districts were given an annual rating based on performance.

    The 2019 Accountability System rated educational institutions on a letter scale from A to F.

    Some exciting news in Lowndes County.

    Superintendent of Lowndes County School District Lynn Wright said the district was given an “A”.

    “The students, the teachers out there in the field, the administrators its been a great team effort but its been a whole lot of hard work and that we continue to show progress and we’re so proud of that. We are very very proud of what our students in Lowndes County are doing. It’s something we are going to really celebrate,” said Wright.

    Ratings were based on student achievement, individual student growth, graduation rate, and absentee rates.

    Superintendent of Louisville Municipal School District Randy Grierson said this is the first time Louisville has earned a “B,” moving up from a C.

    “They adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of students, promoting equity. I think that’s one thing we have to always do as educators, we got to meet kids where they are, not where we think they should be because that’s a critical part. If you try to, if you expect the child to be at a certain level they’re not, you leave kids behind and that’s one thing we are committed to in this district,” said Grierson.

    Areas where some schools excelled, others struggled. Noxubee County School District was rated as an “F”.

    Interim Superintendent Rodriguez Broadnax said his district will move forward with a new learning plan.

    “The district-level team is going into our schools to model to teachers and students how instruction students supposed to be taught at a higher level. We have new benchmarks we will implement starting the first week in October, which will allow us to see exactly where students are based on the state test,” said Broadnax.

    Broadnax is hopeful this new strategy places his district higher next year.

    “Our teachers are great and our students are great but we want them to learn different strategies of how to effectively engage our students,” said Broadnax.

    The Mississippi State Board Of Education will approve grades on Thursday.

    For more information on the ratings, click here.