MSDH and MDPS warn of dangers of CBD products

JACKSON, MS (MSDH/MDPS PRESS RELEASE) – Top officials from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and the Mississippi Department of Health held a joint press conference warning the public on the dangers of all CBD products available for purchase in the state.

CBD is a cannabidiol derived from a cannabis plant such as Hemp or Marijuana, which
are both illegal in Mississippi. There is currently no federal or state oversight for products
containing CBD, and no studies are available validating the safe use of CBD oil.

The agencies are stressing that until there are scientific studies and oversight – it is not safe to use CBD oil regardless of where you purchase it.

“We have no idea what ingredients or amounts are in these products and without proper
labeling, you do not know what you are consuming and that is dangerous,” said Marshall
Fisher, Commissioner of Public Safety.

“Testing of CBD products purchased around the state have shown that the overwhelming
majority of CBD products are mislabeled. A large number of the products contain
narcotics that are illegal under both state and federal law. The public safety and health
concerns arising from the sale and use of these products are alarming,” said John Dowdy,
Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

Mississippi State Health Officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs continued to stress the importance
of being aware of products containing CBD. “You really do not know what you are buying,
and I am incredibly concerned about the safety of all CBD products. W

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