MSDH predicts more people will be hospitalized with COVID-19

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI) – More people will get COVID in the coming weeks and more people will be hospitalized with the virus.

That is the prediction from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

1,034 people are in the hospital with the virus. 188 patients are in I.C.U.

The state’s health leaders say, as of this morning, there were only 11 I.C.U. beds at the state’s Level one and two hospitals.

Those are the facilities that treat the sickest patients in Mississippi.

Of course, not all I.C.U. beds are being used for COVID patients.

There are beds available but a staffing shortage during a pandemic continues to put stress on the healthcare system.

“Resources are tight throughout the country for these staffing resources, especially in nursing. So, I don’t know that we are going to be able to draw in the type of staffing levels that we saw in Delta from anywhere in the country right now, including some of these federal resources,” said Jim Craig, MSDH.

The state department of health does believe the number of cases are being undercounted because of home tests and other reasons.

However, the virus transmission rate remains high and they continue to focus on pressures the state’s hospital system faces.

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