MSDH reports deadly fungal outbreak as “serious situation”

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – The Mississippi State Department of Health is calling the outbreaks of a deadly fungus a “rapidly expanding and serious situation”.

Candida Auris, or C. Auris, is a fungus that is highly resistant to most major anti-fungal drugs. It can enter the bloodstream and move throughout the body, and it has been causing outbreaks in healthcare facilities.

There have been six cases of invasive infection and two deaths linked to C. Auris in at least two Long-Term Acute Care facilities. Most of those cases have been reported at a care facility in Central Mississippi.

37 people are also reportedly colonized with the fungus. That means they have the fungus on their bodies, but are not infected or showing symptoms of infection.

There have also been two cases of active infection and four cases of colonization at other healthcare facilities in the state.

C. Auris can spread through contact with affected patients and contaminated surfaces or equipment.

Good hand hygiene and cleaning in healthcare facilities are important because C. Auris can live on surfaces for several weeks.

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