MSU President speaks on major improvements to university

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – School may be out for the Summer, but there’s still a lot going on on the campus of Mississippi State University.

MSU President Dr. Mark Keenum gave Starkville business and community leaders an update on the University’s projects and plans for the future.

Things are busy here on campus at Mississippi State. Some of the progress you can see, like new construction.

Some, like new programs and majors, will be seen at the academic level.

Campus life is getting a few upgrades at Mississippi State University.

There are facility upgrades, like a new academic building, a new residence hall, improvements to the recreation center, and a major renovation at the Perry Cafeteria.

Keenum said this couldn’t happen without the help of the Mississippi Legislature which has sent more than $13 million in funding to MSU to help make the changes happen.

“All of this would do nothing but help strengthen and experience for our entire campus community,” Keenum said. “Especially for our students and we are most thankful to the Mississippi Legislature in large part for helping us have the resources we need to improve and invest back into our university that’s growing and thriving.”

While all that is going on at the physical level on campus, there are also some big additions coming to the academic landscape.

There will be a new master’s degree program for nursing, even adding to fields of studies like artificial intelligence and, expanding on the cybersecurity and data science programs.

Keenum said the investments in growth areas like these help guarantee a strong future for MSU.

“The state of our university is just sound and doing well and that makes me very proud,” Keenum said. “It’s a great team of leaders working on our campus, working in our community, working with our state leaders, that are making a tremendous difference for the future not only for our university but for the state of Mississippi.”

Keenum said he is expecting another strong class of freshmen in the fall.

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