MSU, Toyota Mississippi, Liquid Wire Inc. announce collaboration project

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi State University, Toyota Mississippi, and Liquid Wire Inc. are teaming up to improve the workplace.

The collaboration was announced Thursday at the MSU Athlete Engineering Summit as part of the project MSU’s interdisciplinary Athlete Engineering research group will work directly with the Northeast Mississippi auto-manufacturers to implement and assess Liquid Wire wearable technologies inside its facility, providing new insights into ways Toyota can improve job performance and identify potential injury risks.

EMCC Communiversity held its annual summit and there were speakers and displays to show people how athlete engineering is making its way to your day-to-day jobs.

“Train the next generation of workers and those workers will go to Aluminum Dynamics and Paccar and all our great partners here in these parts of the region so this is a good crossover and it’s really interesting to see this technology crossover into the workforce. You think about in a workplace where repetitive motions industry and carpal tunnel and all these and what the engineering research is finding is that you can help people avoid these injuries by workarounds and being in shape and exercising,” said Scott Alsobrooks, EMCC President.

The Athlete Engineering Summit has been held at the EMCC Communiversity for the last two years and Alsobrooks said he continues to see the growth.

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