Mysterious bowls of mashed potatoes confuse Mississippians

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Residents of a neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, are confused by bowls of mashed potatoes they’re finding on their cars, porches and mailboxes.

Resident Jordan Lewis says the Belhaven neighborhood is a quirky one, with residents decorating road signs and putting Christmas trees in potholes. Knowing that, she says the sporadically placed spuds may just be a prank.

But resident Sebastian Bjernegard says some people are concerned the potatoes may be poisoned to kill neighborhood animals. But he says he’s unsure as he didn’t even touch the potatoes that he nearly walked into on Tuesday.

It’s unclear if anyone has eaten the potatoes. News outlets report residents haven’t alerted law enforcement. Resident Michaela Lin says some of potato-finders have connections to a local university, which may be a clue.

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