Mystery surrounds missing Winston County woman


WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- A woman from Winston County has been missing, going on three weeks now.

Investigators first issued the missing person’s report last week, but now they’re saying they believe there’s something more to her disappearance.

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Puzzled is just what investigators are.

Desiree Eaves, 41, was last seen near the Winston and Neshoba County line.

Now investigators are trying to figure out what happened next.

A family, worried about their loved one, Desiree Eaves.

“They have not heard anything about her. They do call us every few days to see if we have anything on her but this time, no,” said Winston County Chief Deputy, Keith Alexander.

Desiree Eaves was last seen at a home on Highway 15 just across the Winston County line. Investigators say someone there offered her a ride.

“A few minutes later she came up missing from there,” said Alexander.

Witnesses at the home told investigators they remember seeing Eaves. One moment she was there. What happened next is still a mystery.

“A young lady there, I don’t remember exactly what the time span was, but she said she saw her and an older lady that lived there, they next thing they knew the couldn’t find her,” said Alexander.

Leaving investigators puzzled, it’s unclear if Eaves walked away or if she actually got into a car with someone.

“No one has came forward saying they know anything about her,” said Alexander.

Several agencies are working the case trying to put the pieces together. Searching wooded areas near the county line, even pinging her cell phone.

“We couldn’t find anything from a cell phone that’d do any good to help us find the young lady,” said Alexander.

This strange disappearance has all agencies involved working around the clock, searching for the answers they need.

“Three days this week along with today, we’ve worked real heavy with the Neshoba County sheriff’s office and a state agency and we can’t find anything,” said Alexander.

Chief Deputy Keith Alexander says it’s not out of the ordinary for Eaves to go off for a couple of days and that someone has always known where she was.

After weeks of missing though, this raised some red flags.

Anyone with information on Eaves whereabouts is urged to call the Winston County Sheriff’s Office at 662-773-5881.

There is a reward being offered.