New location: Lowndes County Coroner’s Office completes renovations

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Work has finished on the Lowndes County coroner’s new office.

The former Lowndes County morgue needed modernization and repairs. So, when Supervisors had an opportunity to get a good deal on an office building earlier this year, they took it.

Renovations there are now complete and Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant is pleased with his new facility.

He also said the new location would be better for the community.

“We selected this location because we have a lot better response time from here to any part of the county. We had a 20-minute delay in the old location. So, now we got only a two or three-minute delay in response from having to get a car,” said Merchant.

It will also mean the coroner’s staff will have a place to do their work.

“It affords us a place where all of my deputies have a place to sit down and work because they usually work from home. And now they will be coming into this office using our computers and not their computers from home. So, now all their work will be here. And anytime you are outside, you always have the possibility of people wanting to know stuff. So, now with all the work being done here, it will keep people from wanting to know this and that,” said Merchant. “It is just a better work environment, with the new examination area and the cooler. All in all, it is just a better location. We designed this building and now we can work where we want to work from, and not where we are forced to work from.”

The building will also house the backup location for Lowndes County’s Emergency Management Agency.

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